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about lilidelac

lilidelac pieces are created by Céline, a french jewelry designer who moved to New York few years ago. Raised in a traditional French family between Paris, the regions of Loire and Provence, she has been surrounded by ancient delicate furniture, architecture and beautiful landscape. Her great-grand-mother was a painter, her grandmother was a fashion designer in the 40's and her mother learned her to appreciate the beauty of art. She was meant to pursue this women heritage. After business school and a career as manager, she started her second professional life when she moved to New York. She seized the Big Apple energy, she trained herself in a studio and started to create her own jewelry. She customized her first pieces for friends and family, then participated in trunk-shows and fairs and now launched her website...
Céline mostly works with solid gold, pearls and precious gemstones. She loves the purity of these materials and the perfection nature offers.
Celine's inspiration is everywhere where she feels sensitivity, finesse and femininity : in the perfect shapes of sea shells, in the discrete details of wild flowers, in the refinement of old ironwork, in the evanescence of a light cloud... From her dear ancient Provence to the energy of New York, she embraces the vibes she feels and dedicates her work to magnify her customers. 
She deeply believes that jewelry has a delicate but strong print in women's life. She designs each of her jewelry thinking it could match a woman's personality, contributes to reflect her identity, beauty and self-confidence. 
Handmade with love for women...