jewelry care

lilidelac pieces are delicate jewelry made with 14k solid gold or sterling silver, precious stones and pearls.
We do recommend to always take off your jewelry first and put it on last. Please avoid contact with perfume and lotions, which can deteriorate your jewelry over time.
- 14k solid gold will not change color over time. From time to time you can simply polish your piece with a jewelry cloth for extra shine. Gold pieces will get slightly scratched as you wear them. This is part of the normal wear and tear of your jewelry and will give your piece its unique character.

- When worn regularly, Sterling silver keeps its bright state. It can tarnish when not worn for long period of times. You can restore its shine by cleaning your jewelry with a polishing cloth. When not worn store your silver jewelry in a airtight container.

- Pearls are sensitive beauties that love being worn! They don't like being stored away and their intrinsic luster and glow will only improve when worn regularly. However, they do need proper care to last many lifetimes. Pearls are vulnerable to the chemicals found in perfume and lotions and do not like chlorine  found in swimming pools. Pearls should be cleaned with a soft cloth moistened with water only.

- Our happy earrings are made of delicate glass beads knitted with a silk thread. We strongly recommend that you take them off at night and while bathing (pool, ocean, sea, or even in your bath!).